As wedding photographers, we strive for professionalism and improvement, though our faces might get sore from smiling before yours do. That's how much we enjoy capturing the celebration of your wedding day, or the lively interactions of your family, or the dynamic romance of couples on their anniversaries.

We are here to help you feel relaxed, to help you look your best, and to let you know that you are among friends. We also are passionate about your wedding day and the days beyond. That’s why we started a blog about weddings and marriages. 3

Our photography style is faithful and joyful (though we love dip kisses!) because we know you put a lot of thought and work into the ambiance of your wedding day and we want to capture that unless our clients specifically request certain tones. 

Joshua is an American, and Elizabeth is a British/Cypriot, and we have been married since July 2017. We love to get to know people, make friends, write, and travel to new places. We also like to go coffee shop hopping on our free weekends. 

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Parkville, MD based, and currently serving Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas

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