Chris and Esther's Engagement - Clipper Mill - Baltimore City Maryland

April 7th, 2024

Chris and Esther came to us wanting a dark and moody look in an industrial environment for their engagement photos, and she knew exactly where to go to achieve that look. So for the soft lighting look, we met on a cloudy day at the Clipper Mill area in the Woodbury neighborhood of Baltimore, just north of the Baltimore Zoo. The industrial architecture offered so many options for framing and composition.

During the two hours, we started at the back side of the old mill building on Clipper Park Road and made our way to the Clipper Mill Pool which wasn't in use due to the October weather. From there, we went across the street where we found these beautiful doors and back alley locations.

After that, we brought them to the Whitehall Mill, but on the way, we stopped at an I83 overpass and took some photos on a wood bridge. Finally, we ended the 2 hour session along the river behind the Whitehall Mill.

It was such a magical time with Chris and Esther. Their chemistry was a pleasure to capture and they made our jobs very easy. We wouldn't be disappointed at all if all of our couples were like these two.

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