• Joshua Anderson

Why wedding albums matter

Updated: May 15

Immortalize your memories with printed products.

We've all done this before. We've lost some of our life's most important memories to a long lost computer sitting in a dusty box in the attic, on a hard drive which may or may not be retrievable.

We are here to plead with you and say: Don't let them sit on a lonely hard drive on your laptop!

Share them with guests in your home, over a nice cup of coffee and recall stories of that particular moment in time. Enjoy looking through it on an anniversary and let it warm your hearts.

Holding a physical album in your hands gives your wedding day memories tangible value and creates endless opportunities to remember all the little things that made the day so special. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of your wedding day so many things can happen that it can all become a blur. A physical album that you can leaf through allows you to sit back and take time to reminisce your beautiful once in a life time memories in a way that will last for generations.

Album options include a variety of colors, designs and textures of linen, canvas or leather. These elegant wedding albums come with an optional walnut keepsake box. They are seamless, professional and have unbeatable quality.

The Legacy album includes your favorite photos from your wedding day. The Love Story album includes photos and personal stories from the whole history of your relationship culminating in your wedding day.

Josh and I were so excited about it that we made our own love story album. It has been so lovely to share this with friends and family that visit our home.

Wedding Photography Service

Want to get to see your wedding photographers in action before booking them? How about getting to know them first?

My British wife and I are a photography team, and we're looking for couples who are in love and would like to share their stories with us. WE LOVE LOVE stories! That's why we love weddings so much.

We understand how awkward cameras can make people feel, but we enjoy making friends so you become comfortable with us around. Think of us like an extra groomsman or bridesmaid with a camera.

We're here to guide you, not pose you in some weird embrace you'd never do on your own. You just enjoy BEING YOU and doing what comes naturally.

If you are researching your wedding photographer, please check out our portfolio and contact us if you like what you see stylistically. We have a simple workflow that allows you to make the most informed decision before choosing to hire us. What do you have to lose?

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